4 Sources of Koi Stress

Lernaea parasite attached to fish fin

A low stress environment is crucial for successful Koi keeping. Use the following tips to help create a better home for your Koi.




Parasites attack the skins, scales and gills of your Koi. They cause irritation to those parts of your fish. Prolonged exposure to parasites will stress out your collection. If you see your Koi constantly “flashing” (scratching themselves on a pond wall or floor), then that is a good indication that something is wrong. Contact a vet that specializes in Koi health so they can examine and recommend a treatment for your Koi.









Common predators include blue herons, raccoons and even mink. While you see your Koi collection as your friendly aquatic pets, they see them as lunch. These animals can and will harass and stress out your Koi collection. Small electric fencing around your Koi pond or netting over your Koi pond will deter predators from getting your fish.