Pond Filtration

Keeping Pond Water Clean and Clear


Clean Pond Syndrome


Filtration is essential in order for a pond to have Koi in it.  If there is no filtration on a pond with fish in it, they will eventually poison themselves from the toxins that they produce.  The three main types of filtration are listed below.  Biological, mechanical and chemical filtration will all keep your pond clean.  The most common method of filtration used is the biological/mechanical filtration combination.


Types of Filtration

This type of filtration is the easiest to maintain.  You may also want to read about the Nitrogen cycle, in order to learn the science behind biological filters.


This type of filtration is used to remove solid waste and large debris like fallen leaves from your pond.


These filters strip the toxins right out of the water altogether.  This type of filtration ends up costing the most in the long run.


This type of filtration affects algae, small parasites, and bacteria.  It uses an Ultraviolet light to kill anything that flows through it.



This has been used throughout the world for moving water for the last few decades.