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Koi, like any other animal, have certain needs. If these needs aren't met, your Koi will suffer. The number one thing that can kill a Koi is ignorance. Use these pages to help with keeping your Koi happy, healthy and alive.


Koi History

The great story of how this species of fish became one of the most revered in the world.

The name of the colored carp.


Seasonal Care

Let's start out with seasonal care for Koi.  We will begin with spring and end with winter.

  • Spring
  • The hardest time of the year for Koi.

  • Summer
  • This season is the best grow out season.

  • Fall
  • This season is spent generating enzymes for the winter cold.

  • Winter
  • The season that is spent hibernating.



Here is some information on the predators that will eat Koi.

  • Raccoons
  • These masked bandits are a very common predator.



Koi, like any living thing, need to metabolize food in order to live.

Koi are omnivorous, so they will eat fruit.  This article talks about the fruits that they like.



Now that you know how to take care your Koi and how to feed them, you should
know what to do when you bring them home from the store.



Scared of destruction and disease?  Then you should know about quarantine.


Water Quality

All of the general water parameters that can affect Koi.


Other Stuff

A bunch of articles related to Koi keeping.