The Canine Koi

Once upon a time, there was a Koi fish named Bubbles who thought he was a dog. He would wag his tail whenever his owner approached, eagerly jump out of the water for treats, and even try to bark like a dog. His owner, a dog lover, found this behavior amusing and encouraged Bubbles to continue acting like a canine.

One day, Bubbles saw a real dog walking past his pond and got excited. He splashed around in the water, trying to get the dog's attention. The dog, confused by the sight of a fish acting like a dog, started barking back. Bubbles, thinking they were communicating, decided to jump out of the water and onto the grass, just like the dog.

To his surprise, Bubbles found that he couldn't breathe outside of the water. He flapped around helplessly, gasping for air as his owner rushed over to rescue him. From that day forward, Bubbles learned to appreciate his fishy nature and stuck to swimming in his pond, content to watch the dogs from a distance.

And as for the real dog? Well, he continued to visit Bubbles at the pond, barking and wagging his tail in greeting, but never again did Bubbles try to join him on the grass.