About Koi Fish


How Koi keeping started

Japanese rice farmers kept carp in a designated pond and would grow
them into fingerlings during the summer.  In the fall, they would
harvest the carp and then they dry/salt them.  During the
wintertime, the farmers would eat the carp for a source of protein.

Some of the carp had spots of red color.  The farmers took note
of this and crossbred the carp with the color mutations.  After
years of trial and error, the first color bloodlines were established. 
The Kohaku variety is believed to be the first modern type of Koi to

At the beginning of the 20th century, german carp (doitsugoi) were
brought to Japan.  The Koi breeders established new bloodlines with
the scaless carp from Europe.  The Shusui Koi variety is the most
popular doitsugoi today.

Up until the 1960's, Koi were almost exclusively kept in Japan. 
With the advent of jet travel and polyethylene bags, the art of keeping
Koi spread around the world.